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Monday, January 1, 2018

Beyond Asana 2018

Welcome in 2018 yogi’s! The gift of the New Year can bring on reflection and intention to expand our awareness and commitment to living yoga on and off the mat.  As the last quarter of 2017 rolled in, I started to reflect especially because 2018 is a milestone year; the studio turns 5 years old in the Spring AND it marks a 20 year yoga practice for me.  As you can see, it’s personal.  After some time in reflection, the light bulb went off and I felt it strongly… the direction to take the studio for this milestone yearn"Beyond Asana".  My invitation to you is join us in taking a deeper dive. Explore other aspects yoga to discover what they have to offer on the path towards growth, union of consciousness, and self-enlightenment. In other words an authentic inspired life.

With all of this in mind we’re excited to share several announcements, first is you’ll start to see a refreshed logo over the next few weeks, then some upcoming renovations inside the studio over the next several months.  We hope that you’ll enjoy this new look as we refresh our brand just a little. After all making it 5 years as a small business is a BIG deal.  Then even better is some of our instructors have worked with our Operations Manager, Christine and I to organize a theme for the year called “Beyond Asana”.  Asana means “a comfortable seat” in short, the physical practice of the poses.  We’ll announce a different theme each month with highlighted workshops and events to introduce, educate, and practice many other aspects of Yoga.  You’ll experience theory, life wisdom, inspiration from other practices such as meditation and pranayama (breathwork).  We’ll share with you ways to incorporate these tools into your life off the mat in practical ways and show how they can deepen your practice on the mat.  First up in January is Meditation.  Mark your calendar for two special events; I'll be guiding Deep Peace Breathwork Meditation Sunday January 21st at 5:45 pm and Cindy’s Intro to Meditation workshop on Thursday January 22nd at 6 pm. EVERY one is welcomed, invite your friends, family, neighbors.  Every one CAN meditate, I promise you.  I’m also sure some of our instructors will be incorporating some meditation into their classes as well.

Happy New Year and from my heart thank YOU for being a part of our community at Synergy!
Peace and Light,
Sara Cain-da Costa
Life, Inspired.

p.s. If you have any special requests this year for “Beyond Asana” workshops or events, always feel free to reach out to me directly at Sara@synergyyogawellness.com.

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