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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Specials at Synergy


$59 per month for MONTHLY UNLIMITED

IN DECEMBER AND JANUARY limited to the first 50 people who sign up through each studio!!!

If you take just 4 or more classes per month this deal is for YOU!

** Special can be purchased online through our website Click here for our website or in person at the studio on Friday, November 29th or Monday, December 2nd **

Other details:

For Clients NEW to Monthly Unlimited
Set up for two autodraft payments of $59 each drafted on December 3, 2013 and January 3, 2014
Dates non-changeable
Other active class passes will be placed on hold during this time
Cannot be combined with Small Business Saturday Deal purchase one or the other


We're excited to present another special DEAL this weekend supporting Small Business Saturday, November 30, 2013!

20% off all regularly priced Class packages online

Use code SMALLBIZ at check out or stop in at the studios (8:30 am - 12 noon in Steele Creek and 10 am -12 noon in Rock Hill only) online purchase available all day only on Saturday, November 30th!! Remember if purchasing online use the code SMALLBIZ upon check out.

 **only one per person and cannot be combined with Black Friday/Cyber Monday $59 unlimited monthly deal

Supporting small businesses is important for building our communities as they are the backbone of America. Did you know small businesses are the largest employers in North and South Carolina? AND at Synergy Yoga Wellness we are owned by local owners who have lived and worked in our communities for years, operated by and most of our instructors and staff are local community members. We have a vested interest in your well-being as we are your neighbors, our kids go to school with your kids, we shop where you shop, we care about YOU and our community. Please pass this email and special on to others in our community and BUY LOCAL! It matters.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sometimes I feel like yoga is a foreign language. Oh wait. It is. Yoga dates back to about 4500 years ago, when Sanskrit was the language of choice in the part of the world where yoga began. Sanskrit is now what they call a “dead” language, because we don’t actually speak it. Such has been the fate of Latin, as well.  But au contraire, mon frère (French is derived from Latin!), I believe that Sanskrit is alive and kicking in the 21st century.

Recently, a yoga clothing store had the word “Brahmacharya” emblazoned on the front of its cute little shopping bags. Although there is a clever explanation on the side of the bag, I can’t help but wonder how many people never make it there because they get stuck on the word itself. There are so many yoga terms that make me feel like, “Man, I can’t pronounce it, let alone get to the place where I can understand it.”  Well, I think if we can “push past our edge,” as I say to my students in class, we can start to understand how this tongue-twister of a word applies to our lives.

Brahmacharya = nonexcess. Here’s a prime example of how NOT to do this:

My husband has nicknamed me the “chocolate monster.” If this delicious treat enters our house, in any form, it’s gone in one day. He doesn’t get any. I try to tell him the dog ate it or “the early bird catches the worm,” but he doesn’t buy any of that nonsense. I know eating an entire pint of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream is not the best choice, but I can’t resist. Of course, I don’t feel too well after, and wonder why I did it. How about I just slowly savor a small bowl, and have my body be satisfied? In going beyond that point, eating and its effects are no longer enjoyable.   

But nonexcess does not just relate to sweets. We can overdo life as well. In America we tend to “go big or go home.” I think, in our culture, excess makes us feel safe and important. We drive big cars to protect us on the road, work long hours to feel productive (thank you, smartphone, for making the workday 24 hours!), juggle so many people to feel like we are somebody to someone, and race from place to place to feel busy. In the end, we just end up running ourselves into the ground, and sometimes, we can’t even stop at THAT point. The more we have and do, the more secure we feel. Excess fills an emotional need for us. We have to be everything to everyone. I fall into this trap, time and time again.

I guess the whole point of Brahmacharya, for me, is to work on just being ok with saying “when.” It’s hard to do that, but excess never works for me. I drive myself crazy trying to keep up, and I end up not being able to do it all anyway.

I am working on it………thank you yoga. Namaste.