"Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail" - Charles F. Kettering

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look to the Left

This past weekend while at a birthday celebration, I met a couple named Brad and Carol. I couldn't help but catch their vibrant energy as they laughed, smiled, talked, and danced together. I was curious about their story, so I asked Brad. The first thing he said is this “Sara, I love her. The day we met at this party, I walked in and decided to look Left instead of looking straight forward and there she was.” She was different than anyone he had ever been with. They've been together ever since, which was 3-years ago

Before meeting Carol, Brad defined himself as being a “player”, in and out of relationships that offered no substance. Then after years in this experience he woke up to the fact that this wasn't who he really was and he wasn't living the way he wanted to. He then made the conscious decision to change his behaviors and focus. So that day he walked into that room at the party he opened his eyes and heart to expanding his horizons in new directions. He said the last several years with Carol hasn't always been bliss, they've had their challenges but he loves her even more because as they weather each storm their love grows. He knows without a doubt he is in the relationship he’s meant to live in and told me privately he has plans to ask her to marry him by the holidays.

We all have the ability to live the life we are meant to live. Bring awareness into the body, mind, and Spirit then listen to the Light inside, this will be your guide. Stay connected to the present, doesn't mean don’t have a vision for your life. Set goals that match your life’s desires, stay focused on your vision, and create a plan. For example, describe the person YOU want to be in a relationship, describe the person you’re looking for, and then move in a direction towards meeting that person. Unclench thoughts of worry for the future, when you worry you clutter your mind with some sort of drama that more than likely won’t ever happen. Let go of hurts from the past, this is a new day, a new person, a new event, history will only repeat itself if you’re not Listening. In a passage in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s it reads when you are inspired by your life, you are In Spirit. When you are In Spirit you are connected and present with your life and will KNOW the direction to move in and the people and events to connect with. Just for today, EXPAND, mix the orange juice and mango juice together, be the first to say hello to a stranger, take a dance lesson with your significant other, go to lunch with someone at work who you think is different from you, take your child out for ice cream at “dinner” time, start the cake decorating business you've dreamed of. And above all next time you walk into a room look to the left, right, or behind, see what you find. You might be surprised; your vision is possible.

Listen and move forward! Your life is an occasion, rise to it and SHINE! Be your best while you’re here!

-By Sara Cain